My name is Whitney Olson (she/her) and I am an illustrator, artist, and graphic designer. My illustration work has a sophisticated playfulness, while my art is free, messy, and dreamy. My day job is designing kick ass branding and graphics for OLSON McINTYRE. In my spare time, you can find me playing music, obsessing over my garden and motorcycle adventuring.

My offerings

  • Brand assets like logos, icons, and graphics
  • Surface pattern design for textiles and paper
  • Editorial illustration for magazines and book covers
  • Illustration for packaging, album covers, and merch
  • Graphic design services via OLSON McINTYRE

All images and work shown here ©Whitney Olson, 2024.

Email: hello@whitneyolson.com

Social Media/Illustration: @whitney.ooooo.illustration

Social Media/Art: @whitney.ooooo